C.S.C. = " Cruisin Stangs Club"

c.s.c. Was made for all mustang owner's! club is for it's members and family!

We welcome all input and suggestions be them good or bad, this club is not just one person its belongs to it's members. We have staff that helps setup the events and other stuff. you can email cruisin stangs staff email if you want or post it into the forums.


Co Founder:
Cyrus L.Rea

WA, President:
Randall B Garner

WA, V.President:
Stephanie Chapman

WA, Tres:
Jody L. Uland "Mamma Bear"

WA, Public Relations :
Amanda Keto

WA, secretary :
Tena Weyer-Isakson

we are a Non-Profit Organization "Club" . We are looking into charity groups that our members want to help out. soon we know they will be posted in the charity section via the forums.

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